The Top Reasons to Become a Nurse

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Exploring the Top Reasons to Become a Nurse

nurse changing an IVIt is no longer a secret that the American Population is aging. This trend is creating a sustainable source of demand for qualified healthcare workers that is likely to last for several decades. As hospitals, clinics, and long-term care facilities are forced to beef up their staff to cope with a growing number of patients in need of care, abundant employment opportunities are being created along with upward pressure on wages.

Job Security

In a time where many industries are experiencing contraction due to the current economic environment and evolving technology, healthcare stands out as a bright spot in an otherwise challenging job market. For aspiring nurses, this means job security and the freedom to work almost anywhere in the country. While those are both important elements of a stable career, there are some other very compelling arguments for becoming a nurse.

Salary and Benefits

Nursing can be rewarding in many ways, including financially. Money should never be the sole reason for embarking on a career path or taking a specific job but let’s face it, achieving a happy and satisfied lifestyle depends on compensation being in balance with the amount of work and stress you can expect to encounter on a daily basis.

Since most adults will spend approximately 60% of their lifetime in a work environment, pay will inevitably be an important factor in choosing a career. The salary for a registered nurse will never surpass that of an athlete or a high-ranking corporate executive but when compared to other jobs held by the majority of the American population, the total compensation package for nurses which includes salary, medical insurance, retirement, and paid time off consistently ranks near the top.

Growth and Advancement Potential

In addition to pay, advancement opportunities are another great reason to become a nurse. Where many office jobs are considered a dead-end with few if any opportunities for additional career development, nursing offers an incredible amount of opportunities to seek additional training and or education that can directly lead to increased responsibility, specialization, and salary bumps. This can be advantageous in warding off monotony and burn-out by providing new and exciting challenges at various stages along the career path. Advancement opportunities for nurses are not just limited to other areas of nursing either. Many nurses go on to positions in administration, teaching, and management.

Helping Others in Need

Another important reason for becoming a nurse is the rewarding nature of the work itself. Where many workers find themselves buried beneath endless stacks of paperwork and reports that can seem to have little in the way of purposes, nurses are reminded on a daily basis that every single patient interaction offers the opportunity to help another person recover from an ailment or feel at ease during a time of vulnerability.

The exact registered nurse job description will vary based on what is required by specific employers but the cornerstone of the profession will always be patient care. Nurses play a direct role in providing essential care for patients that they could not provide for themselves. In an average day, a nurse may make an impact on dozens of individuals doing everything from explaining a treatment plan to helping them relive pain. There is definitely something to be said for being able to come home at the end of each day knowing that made a difference in many people’s lives.

If this sounds like a career path you could see in your future, learn more about how to become an RN and take the first step towards finding state-approved nursing schools in your area. Many RN programs offer flexible scheduling and online classes designed for students or working adults who are ready to make a career change.

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